Agricultural Ceiling Fans

Agricultural Ceiling Fans for Barns

Agricultural Ceiling Fans

Control climate for better vintages

Agricultural Ceiling Fans

Reduce spoilage with fresher air


Get more milk with cooler air

Due to the intense heat across the gulf, the productivity is affected not only in the workplaces and construction sites but also in the farms and dairies. The heat in Dubai rises above 50 degree Celsius, which becomes a source of discomfort for the plants which increases their spoilage and ill effects while for animals like cows it results in the drop of both quality and quantity of milk.

According to the study it is found that when a cow suffers from heat stress they experience heat-induced depression of feed intake and lower productivity. To cope with the heat, cows increase their breathing rate and water intake. But there is a decrease in feed intake, milk production, change in the milk composition and blood hormone concentration like increased prolactin which effects the quality and quantity of the milk.

While agricultural plants increase in temperature stress affects their growth and photosynthesis process. Plants will shed their foliage to conserve water and it also reduces their productivity.

MacroAir HVLS fans provided the newest climate control solution for diaries. These large fans, ranging from 6-24 feet in diameter, efficiently deliver air movement throughout holding pens and feeding areas. The four ways how HVLS fans help dairy farmers are:

  • They can help in increasing milk production by cooling the environment. When the cows are in cooler temperature the milk production is improved.
  • MacroAir High volume & low-speed fans will deliver all-encompassing airflow throughout the holding i.e. massive volume of airflow at a low speed. Additionally, they are energy efficient.
  • The gearless engine will eliminate the noise generated and will operate at less than 60DBA.
  • Birds tend to consider barns a wonderful place to escape the sun, take a break, and nest. These uninvited residents can create a big mess inside the barn. The airflow generated by HVLS fans discourages birds from entering.

Agricultural facilities yield desirable results from the integration of HVLS fans. With historical success in increasing animal comfort, increasing air quality and decreasing diseases HVLS fans are an ideal solution. Paired with their ability to reduce energy consumption and potentially lower energy costs, HVLS fans are rapidly becoming the choice for farming facilities on a global scale.