The Things You May Not Know About HVLS Fans

Some many decades ago, working in the summer heat would have been quite menacing. But thanks to advancements in technology which is continuously improving our lifestyle, and providing solutions to anything that might be a hindrance to our productivity and comfort.  With improved ventilation systems being a primary need for the effective and efficient functioning

Energy Saving Lighting Solutions: A Quick Look!

Compared to the traditional incandescent lamps, Khind Lighting Solutions are way ahead in terms of productivity of its light-emitting solutions and energy saving. In the case of incandescent lamps and other traditional light-emitting devices. 90% of the energy gets lost as heat Energy loss results in lower efficiency Khind Solutions provide an array of energy-saving

The brownie points for you upon employing HVLS technology

HVLS fans are nonetheless the best proposed climate control solution that is equally effective and energy efficient. The major outcome of HVLS fans is that it delivers adequate airflow and in addition, lowers the costs concerning both heating and cooling purposes. An ambient distribution of air is the major positive trait of HVLS technology enabled

3 Tips for Increasing the Comfort in Your Gym With Large Ceiling Fans

Have you ever walked into your athletic facility and felt very uncomfortable thanks to however hot and stuffy the air felt? athletic facility fans ar the flowing resolution you’re missing. You oughtn’t to want you’re unfree in an exceedingly hot athletic facility with stagnant air and sweating folks. As an athletic facility or fitness facility


MacroAir designs and manufactures large HVLS industrial ceiling fans based on the principle that moving air slowly with a larger diameter fan is far more efficient than moving air quickly with a smaller diameter fan. Our large industrial ceiling fans circulate air in all directions; keeping the air fresh and helping people feel comfortable in