All you need to about Aeratron Fans

All you need to about Aeratron Fans



At the end of the day, a good product means nothing unless you use the finest materials to build it, and that’s exactly what we do, down to the last screw. We work to the highest “Swiss engineering” standards to ensure top quality, long-lasting fans.


Our fans’ blades are actually wings… We picked the world’s most efficient and quiet birds as inspiration and designed our fans to look and function similarly (That’s why we have those signature winglets at the tips of our blades). We optimized and tested until we found the perfect airflow experience – one that you cannot hear (but can definitely feel).


With a winning design in hand, we then turned to technology to help minimize fan noise and improve efficiency. We added a unique self-balancing System to prevent the fan from wobbling and were able to reduce the energy consumption of the fans by a further 50%.