Will your retail business benefit from HVLS fans?

Will your retail business benefit from HVLS fans?

Running a retail business comes with many challenges, including keeping costs in check. Since retail businesses often have slim profit margins on products, it’s important to do everything possible to keep operating costs at a minimum. HVLS fans can help by minimizing heating and cooling costs and providing other business improvement benefits.

Low operating costs

The best HVLS fans are designed to use as little energy as possible. Top fans can be run for less than a dollar per workday. This means you don’t need to worry about a huge jump in your power bills just from installing HVLS fans, and since they can help you control the temperature, you will likely see a reduction in your monthly utility bill (more below).

Reduces HVAC use

Retail stores need to be sufficiently heated and cooled to ensure they are comfortable for employees and customers. No one wants to shop in a place that’s excessively cold or warm, so HVAC is a necessary investment. But heating and cooling costs alone can make up a significant portion of a retail company’s monthly bills.

With the right HVLS fan, you don’t need to spend as much on heating or cooling your space. Air conditioners and heaters tend to dump hot or cold air into a single place, causing warm and cool spots depending on where vents are located. HVLS fans solve this by thoroughly mixing the air in the entire space to achieve thermal equalization. The fans balance temperature throughout the space, achieving comfort without increasing HVAC levels.

Excellent aesthetics

A ceiling fan might not be the first thing that comes to mind when you think of a nice design touch for your retail business. However, HVLS fans are a different breed. Since they have fewer blades than normal ceiling fans, HVLS fans have a sleeker, more modern look. Many of the top HVLS fans come in a variety of finishes like natural wood or metallic, which can help complement your existing décor.

Keeps customers comfortable

Retail storefronts need to be comfortable to persuade a customer to stick around and browse. Research has shown a correlation between cold air and stores selling a luxury brand. Whether you are looking to keep your space cool or warm, HVLS fans will provide you with better control over the temperature without having to increase the level of your heating or cooling.

HVLS Fans & Retail: A profitable match

Retail owners and operators need to do everything possible to cut down on costs so they can improve profit margins. If you pick the right one, an HVLS fan can add to the aesthetic appeal of your store, lower your energy costs, and help persuade customers to stay around longer.