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November 15, 2022

Energy Saving Lighting Solutions: A Quick Look!

Compared to traditional incandescent lamps, Khind Lighting Solutions are way ahead in terms of productivity of its light-emitting solutions and energy saving. In the case of incandescent lamps and other traditional light-emitting devices.

90% of the energy gets lost as heat
Energy loss results in lower efficiency

Khind Solutions provide an array of energy-saving light emission solutions with choices in colours and light levels you wish. The new upcoming additions to the lighting solutions are also much more energy efficient which drastically reduces energy consumption. Being proud manufacturers of lighting solutions, we craft solutions that are affordable, reliable, and trendy. We believe in delivering happiness with our product range and making lives easier.

The KHIND solutions provided by us are perfect for your office space, residential space, retail stores, malls, and architectural lighting design. We are equipped with high-end technology to employ atmospheric light and illuminate the space! We as a brand focus on energy-saving solutions like movement sensors, direct sensors, smart sensors, daylight sensors, and alternative lighting to increase productivity and decrease cost.

Certifications that have been awarded to Khind for delivering products that make a difference in people’s lives and make their lives easier are the prestigious UL certification, TUV certification, CV certification, Civil defense approval.

The BMS system helps in integrating, monitoring, and managing all existing lighting control systems present in a given building. With its existence, the functioning and parameters of individual devices can be analyzed and the reasons for possible problems and failures can be diagnosed from one location. Operations for the system and its devices are managed through the software while a Facility Manager or an electrician can operate the complete system remotely.

KHIND as a brand is very passionate to create lighting solutions through accomplished perfection. No matter which lighting service you are looking for – we can offer a solution. We offer an end-to-end service starting from lux calculation to light designing, implementation, commissioning, customer service and maintenance.

Smart technology is taking over faster than you might think. And KHIND being a veteran brand has helped dozens of warehouses, manufacturers, GYM, mosques, homeowners, and more to create a lighting strategy that caters to their needs. Contact us today to see what solution we can offer you.