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November 17, 2022


HVLS fans are nonetheless the best proposed climate control solution that is equally effective and energy efficient. The major outcome of HVLS fans is that it delivers adequate airflow and in addition, lowers the costs concerning both heating and cooling purposes.

An ambient distribution of air is the major positive trait of HVLS technology enabled fans. In addition to these outcomes, we have major plump ones too which have been enlisted below:

Lowering the costs associated with cooling

The perceived room temperature can be lowered with proper channelling of air columns. By proper channelling of airflow, a convection flow of air currents is made and evaporative cooling is initiated. The comfort zone is always measured on the level of cooling existent in indoor spaces. This effective climate control solution proceeds by the proper configuration of thermostat setting.

It is stated that as we increase the thermostat reading by each degree, a five percent deduction in power consumption(kWH reading) is found. In other words, if the thermostat reading is increased by five degrees, a 20% reduction in cooling costs is found.

Enhancing the inherent potential of existing ventilation systems

Having an enhanced ventilation in the current scenario is necessary. The inherent potential of the existing ventilation system can be upgraded by thorough air circulation all around the cubicle. In this age of Covid-19, maintaining the air quality is primarily important and no compromise can be made on that segment which can result in heavy loss.

The fundamental principles of aerobiology and adequate air flow has been employed to flourish the lives of employees, potential customers and enterprises. Intermixing and diluting the stale air with inflow of fresh air, can aid in easier exhaust out of the area under consideration.

HVLS industrial fans take advantage of the ways to mix air and thereby enhance the comfort levels and limit the HVAC demands. Optimisations concerning space and labour efforts are available with avoidance of materials for tonnage and ducting.

The most important and satisfying merit, is undoubtedly, the reduced carbon footprint size. More than ducting, HVLS fans are primarily meant for mixing the present air and maintaining an ambient temperature and elevating the comfort zones.