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November 20, 2022

The Things You May Not Know About HVLS Fans

Some many decades ago, working in the summer heat would have been quite menacing. But thanks to advancements in technology which is continuously improving our lifestyle, and providing solutions to anything that might be a hindrance to our productivity and comfort.

With improved ventilation systems being a primary need for the effective and efficient functioning of industries across the Middle East, and the globe, HVLS fans are a forerunner when it comes to factory and warehouse cooling systems.


We at KHIND believe that industries and their employees must have the best cooling systems in their spaces in order to optimize the work input, and promote a thriving work culture in terms of the human resources’ health, an organization’s sustainability, and success, and the overall comfort, and satisfaction of your employees. This desired result can be achieved by using the HVLS fans in Dubai, and through this article, we are going to detail why KHIND’s HVLS fans are a small but essential enhancer of your company’s goals.

For large working spaces, the HVLS fans are ideal, and very objectively, the optimal solution. The HVLS fans depend on high volume and low speed as the abbreviation suggests. These industrial fans in UAE with their huge blades are able to not only circulate air but also rapidly increase the rate of air changes per hour of the cubicle. This helps in cultivating an increasingly comfortable and productive work environment. The air circulation of an HVLS fan is four-dimensional which covers up to 2000 sq.m.

Running at a lower speed, the HVLS fans deliver a non-disruptive and large-scale airflow. This helps control the temperature and ensures that all of your employees are comfortable as they work. And being a large fan with longer blades, it can generate longer columns of air that travel further- making this much more efficient and effective than having multiple ACs or small fans at normal speed.


By ensuring satisfying work interiors, HVLS has come a very long way since its inception. When these fans first hit the market, with their very long blades, they were stereotyped as an industrial luxury but today it is considered a necessity among huge buildings, warehouses, and factories. Turning it increasingly commercial and common as its need continues to rise.


We at KHIND build aesthetically striking, energy-efficient, and cost-effective fans. But atop all of these, safety is our first priority. Apart from its enlarged blades, these seem like any other fans, but its construction is not as simple and the safety measures that are implemented while constructing an HVLS fan differentiates a premium fan from its subpar options.

Using high-quality, industrial-grade materials, and following all the necessary safety protocols, we carefully construct and design our fans to last for a long time without any danger to you, your employees, and the company’s safety and well-being.

MacroAir fans are engineered with key safety features to prevent pieces of the fan from falling in the unlikely event of a catastrophic failure. Used together, these systems and devices provide comprehensive protection to people, equipment, and property. We have NASA-designed airfoils. Safety cables.


In our MacroAir fans, we have a smart processor that acts as the brain behind the fan which can automatically adjust to different power sources and allow users to access real-time performance analytics.

The HVLS fan will stop automatically If the motor or drive is in a high-temperature range. Also, if there is a surge in the incoming power the fan will cut off immediately on its own. Additionally, The blade weight and tilt of the fan have a sensor.


Aside from maintaining a phenomenal airflow, and providing impeccable cooling to your space, KHIND’s HVLS fans also play an integral role in eliminating toxic air-borne elements. It reduces the risk of spreading infectious diseases and can be considered an active preventive measure to COVID-19. This is done by the constant circulation of air, allowing the germs to be replaced with ‘clean air’ resulting in improved health quality of your workplace.


Today, we are collectively being cautious, aware, and responsible to reduce the threat we pose to our environment as climate change has been ringing alarm bells across the globe. We at KHIND are strongly determined to contribute to the conservation of our planet, and we want to help our clients in being environmentally sustainable. HVLS fans provide 30% energy savings in an AC environment as it lowers the temperature by 4°C. And as it replaces many small fans and ACs, it plays a major role in cutting down energy consumption and carbon emissions.


A huge fan in place of a dozen small ones makes your ventilation much more cost-effective. But apart from these, HVLS fans are easy to maintain as a gearless next-generation direct-drive DC motor that is three times smaller yet five times more powerful.

HVLS fans also reduce the need for expensive ductwork in new construction for both heating and air-conditioning systems and provide a constant temperature from floor to ceiling and wall to wall.

KHIND HVLS fans are incredibly accepted and highly remarkable for premium quality, cost-effectiveness, great efficiency, and being environmentally sustainable. They have multiple options of 3-blade or 6-blade and in 8-24 feet diameter. Some of our clientele include service centers of big auto manufactures like Lexus, Volvo, Emirates, LG, Hellmann Logistics, Al Futtaim With KHIND’s well-reputed, cost-effective fans, your factories, workshops, warehouses can keep your budget on track, take pride in being environmentally sustainable, and most essentially maximize productivity, result, and your and your employees’ happiness by circulating cooler and cleaner air. KHIND will help you forget the summer heat exists.