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November 22, 2022

What are HVLS Fans, and how do they work?

Have you ever noticed the large, slow-moving fans that circulate quietly in your local gym, Stadium, or Airport? Have you ever wondered how they sprung into action? 

Let’s break it down

The High Volume Low-Speed Fans or HVLS Fans, better known as Industrial Ceiling Fans, which are seven feet in diameter, distribute a considerable amount of air at a low speed and are utilized for industrial and commercial purposes. The maximum speed is 200 RPM, while the rate of the fan blade tip amounts only to 60 MPH or less. It can be operated in warehouses, department stores, etc., to reduce heat stress.

The Working Mechanism of HVLS Fans

Each ceiling fan produces a column of air that touches the floor to make a horizontal airflow called the horizontal floor jet. The fan's diameter is directly proportional to the horizontal wall of moving air. Hence larger the fan's diameter, the larger the air column and airflow.

Once developed to cool down agricultural barns, now HVLS fans took over a good portion of the industrial and commercial sector with installments at theatres and shopping malls to stadiums and airports.

Working Mechanism of HVLS Fans

Features of an HVLS Fans

  • Diameter of HVLS fan- From 8 Ft to 24 Ft
  • Maximum Speed in RPM- 114 to 53
  • Highest noise level- 45 Db
  • Maximum airflow- 377,000 CFM
  • No Of Blades- 6 Blades
  • Maximum Hanging Weight- 150 Kg
  • Maximum operating Weight- 120Kg

Advantages of HVLS Fans over regular wall/ceiling mounted fans

  • HVLS Fans are excellent replacements for AC units.
  • It operates by employing the technique of evaporative cooling.
  • HVLS Fans produce minimal sound, often less than 45 Db.
  • As HVLS Fans facilitate rapid evaporation, it lessens condensation.
  • Unlike regular wall-mounted fans, HVLS Fans distribute air more evenly.
  • HVLS fans can heat large spaces in winter through destratification.

Employing HVLS Commercial Ceiling Fans for large spaces is a cost-effective solution to produce large volumes of moving air at a low speed with less noise pollution. For more queries or to grab your product, contact Khind solutions, a company that sells HVLS fans in Dubai.