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Macroair HVLS (High Volume, Low Speed) fans for large spaces is cost efficient, energy saving and reduces heat stress considerably thereby increasing the productivity. From breweries to aquatic centers, gyms, warehouses, restaurants, auto service centers, schools, HVLS fans offer benefits for all type of facilities. It provides effective and sustainable ventilation solutions, better ventilation means better airflow, which leads to more efficient cooling.

MACROAIR fans HVLS has increased ventilation air flow rate (the volume of air that can move over time), increased velocity (how fast we the volume is moved), and the additional variables of temperature, humidity, and airflow path.

Installing High Volume, Low Speed fans in the facility will substantially boost the effectiveness of the HVAC system and reduce operating costs. Moreover, HVLS fans is a key component for LEED certification of the building providing green climate solutions.

The HVLS fans can yield LEED points in the following categories:

* Indoor environment quality for their impressive ventilation capabilities
* Energy and atmosphere for their energy efficiency (this may vary by manufacturer) and ability to maximize HVAC effectiveness
* A practical, efficient, and intuitive ventilation solution by innovation and design
* One HVLS fan can replace up to 20 smaller high-speed fans and thereby provide huge energy savings.


When working in warehouses and other large spaces, ventilation is always a challenge. Trying to circulate fresh air in such a large area and offset the heat produced from people and production requires a specialized solution. Using a standard HVAC to cool, heat, and ventilate these large spaces can become costly and impractical, not to mention the inefficiency. Fortunately, the solution is as simple as it is elegant: installing High Volume, Low Speed fans in your facility will substantially boost the effectiveness of the HVAC system and reduce operating costs. This makes HVLS fans the key component for LEED certification of your building.

Six ways HVLS saves money:

* Cooling-AC saving up to 30%
* Heating- Distribute heat more efficiently
* Operation-Runs silently,24/7 on premises a day
* Control-Interfaces with your current system via gateway
* Installation-Cuts installation time in half
* Warranty-The industry’s first 50,000-hour warranty

So, the bottom line is installing HVLS fans in your building will provide an effective year-round climate control solution. These fans consume minimal energy and deliver maximum environmental benefits.

MacroAir Models

Model 370

Small spaces solution.
Application in offices, restaurants, gyms and
other low-ceiling

Diameters: 1.83 – 3.66m
Maximum area: 323m2
Power: 0.2kWh

Model 550

Medium spaces solution. Application in car showrooms, livestock holdings, agriculture and medium industrial plants.

Diameters: 2.44 – 5.49m
Maximum area: 1394m2
Power: 1kWh

Model 780

Large spaces solution.
Application in warehouses, hangars, logistic buildings and other and other high ceiling areas.

Diameters: 6.07 – 7.32m
Maximum area: 2044m2
Power: 1.5kWh

Model D3

The perfect solution
for less demanding
adjustable in any
space or volume.

Diameters: 3.66 – 7.32m
Maximum area: 1579m2
Power: 0.8kWh