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Choosing MacroAir is a Breeze

We invented big fans and continue to manufacture the most cost-efficient, quiet, beautiful, and powerful big commercial and industrial fans on the market. We are driven by four principles
Move Air Precisely

Designing fans that produce an ideal airflow for the application.

Move Air Efficiently

Creating fans that move air at the absolute lowest operating cost.

Move Air Smoothly

Manufacturing fans that operate elegantly and quietly.

Move Air Infinitely

Building fans that maintain their high quality over time.

MacroAir Models

AirVolution-D 370

Ideal for ceiling heights as low as 12 feet, the AirVolution-D 370 big commercial ceiling fan is the perfect air flow solution for cooling your smaller spaces. Sleek looks and custom color options add to its appeal, making these fans the most attractive ceiling fans in your space.
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Simplicity is key in the AirVolution-D3 large commercial ceiling fan. The three-blade design reduces weight, friction, and raw materials, which in turn minimizes the strain on the building, your energy consumption, and your budget. But can three blades do the job? Yes! Just like a wind turbine, we designed the AVD3 to be the optimal balance between weight, materials, and efficiency.
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AirVolution-D 550

The AirVolution-D 550 is a part workhorse, part racehorse. This premium large industrial ceiling fan is both powerful and sleek, providing the ideal solution for air movement in your mid-sized spaces. It adapts to your building’s input voltage, assists in troubleshooting, and integrates into building automation systems.
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AirVolution-D 780

This is the most powerful industrial ceiling fan in the world. Thanks to our breakthrough in motor design, the AirVolution-D 780 is the lightest big fan in its class, delivering massive airflow to cool your extra-large spaces. You may expect this massive air displacement to be a noisy event, but our gearless design makes it whisper quiet.
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