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During summer, due to intense heat people avoid going out of their homes like for shopping. They feel comfortable and relaxed at home. But When the customers are comfortable, they tend to shop longer and spend more. MacroAir AirVolution-D 300 Series HVLS fans move 76% more air using 50% less energy to give your customers a better shopping experience without overcharging your utility budget. MacroAir reduces the humidity upto 30% and AC+HVLS allows 6-8 degrees thermostat increase. It can replace upto 15 or more standard high speed industrial fans.

Using a revolutionary motor design, this unique industrial fan efficiently circulates air to all corners of your space for consistent cooling. Moreover, its quiet operation and custom color options allow it to blend in with the design of your store. Add to that a 50,000-hour lifespan with zero maintenance and you’ve got a lasting and reliable way to create happier customers.

Along with increasing the shopping experience of your customers, installing Macroair would also increase employee comfort which would in turn lead to higher productivity and keep your employees happy.

Therefore, enjoy all the benefits of Macroair fans and keep your environment cool without increasing your utility bills.